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Ar@n provides IT solutions including business process and workflow management and customized software develope
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IT consulting

Consulting begins with the sale. Prior to agreeing to do business, the Ar@n team review your current business practices, requirements, expectations, staff levels, and equipment to ensure that our products perfectly fit your goals. At Ar@n we have experience in various fields including development languages, DBMS, Windows and networks. We find that by closely targeting who we sell our products we can ensure successful projects. Project Managers are also available after the implementation to provide additional consulting when your business requirements change, your staff changes, or if you become ready to do more with the software than the original scope of the project. Having an experienced, knowledgeable consultants who understand your objectives available is a cost-efficient means of streamlining your business.

Custom Programming

We know that the requirements of your organization are special and often require custom programming in order to efficiently process certain business transactions. For this reason we at Ar@n do not only sell standard packages but can also personalize for your precise needs.

Web services

Ar@n develops web services for the data exchange with remote procedures. The web service technology has become a standard in this activity for all the available environments.

Network consulting

The Ar@n team can help you in designing and managing your network for specific technical and security aspects. We also provide consulting for virtualization solutions, VPN connections and mobile access. The disaster recovery plan is designed according to your needs.


Ar@n offer a hosting service for your website and extranet procedures when developed by us. The Ar@n data centre uses the latest technology: 64 bit operating systems, VMWARE virtualization, internal and remote backup, and wide-band WAN connection. For mission critical solutions Ar@n offer housing in large structured business partners or consultancy for in-house installation.
Since the year 2009 our data center is fully solar powered during the daylight.

Hardware and software sales

The hw & sw resell is out of scope for Ar@n but is reserved to our software customer to offer a complete service and only a reference for every kind of IT issue.Ar@n is a 'DELL© partner direct' and can find and provide the correct hardware solutions for every need. DELL© products cover all the business levels, from the small business to the large company. We can also find install and support third party software: operating systems, office productivity software, utilities, etc.

With more than 25 years of experience in providing solutions to our customers, we understand that no matter how good the software is, it is equally important to provide consulting, training, custom programming, user conferences, and support to ensure that all of the benefits available from the Ar@n products are appreciated by your organization.


Thanks to all of our customers!


Data center solar powered
Energy produced
9918,5 KWh
CO2 saved 5752,7 Kg
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